Digital Games

The Raid is a multi-user game where players all must work together to defeat a huge boss.

The Raid is written with node js and utilizes websockets, mongoDB, and redis. The client for the raid uses Jade templates and the Phaser HTML5 game library.

I worked on this alone, and I am responsible for all of the assets and code, excluding the Phaser library.

Play it here!
Visit the GitHub Page


AstroSprint is a continuous runner game about planetary exploration.

AstroSprint made with HTML5 and the Phaser HTML5 Game Framework.

I worked on the level loading system, the art assets, optimized it for mobile, made a large number of levels, and other minor support roles.

Play it here! (It's great on mobile!)
Visit the GitHub Page


Waifu Quest is a mashup between a Dating sim and a classic turn based JRPG. You might walk around getting into battles with monsters, but instead of clashing swords, you've got to date the monster away!

Waifu Quest was created in the Unity Engine and the scripts were written in c#.

For this project, I acted as group leader, Art Director, and I also contributed to the foundational mechanics (the battle system, the game states, etc.).

Visit the GitHub Page


Card and Board Games

Jailbreak is a card game where 3 prisoners are pitted against 1 warden. The Prisoners must collect the necessary resources to break out of jail, by any means possible.

For this project, I acted as group leader and art director. I personally designed the cards and as a group we created the game's rules, mechanics, content, and conducted playtests.

Card Mockups

Dude Last night is a storytelling card game with a raunchy and wild twist. Players must use their storytelling abilities and cards they draw to get to the end of the story in whatever crazy, bacchanalian way possible.

For this project, I acted as art director and designed the cards. As a group we edited the content of the game, conducted playtests, and made improvements based off of observation and feedback.

Robo Draft (working title) is an in-progress drafting card game based around invention, creativity, and skill. It is made for quick, competitive games with large groups of gamers.

This project is currently in the early stages of development, and is designed and developed by myself exclusively.

You can read the current design document here.