About Dylan

I'm a recent graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, graduating with a BS in Game Design and Development and a Minor in Japanese Language. I love any form of fitness, including cycling, running, and weightlifting, and I'm a frequent enthusiast of manga, fine arts, cooking, and dogs.

In terms of experience, I've taught C++ to teens at iD Tech and I've been a development intern at Arkadium where I worked on the HTML5 version of their Solitaire Suite and a number of other games. To learn more about this work you can read my full entry on my LinkedIn.

Though these are the only positions I've held professionally, as a Game Design and Development Student at RIT, I worked on a variety of Games and Projects. During these, I wore a number of hats and practiced making games with various tools and in various mediums. You can view some examples of these on the works page.

Dylan's Skills